Committee for Tourism Development under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan

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Documents for the Licensing Commission of Tourism Activities

Documents for tourism activities under the licensing commission

1.File folder for storing documents (containing 20 files)

2. A copy of the certificate of establishment of the enterprise

3.A copy of the company’s certificate from the tax authorities (TIN)

4. The presence of a specialist in tourism of the special enterprise

-a copy of the diploma in the field of tourism of a specialist on graduation     

from an educational institution

– a copy of the order on the appointment of a specialist

– a copy of the specialist’s passport

– a copy of the work book of a tourism specialist about his work activity

  if a specialist does not have a higher education in the field of tourism,          

  experience in tourism must be at least 3 years

– The specialist must know at least one foreign language (English, German

  or other languages)

5.Certificate of location of the company from the executive body of state

  power of the relevant district

6.Documents confirming the presence of an office with appropriate


-a copy of the bilateral agreement for the provision of office space

– a copy of the technical passport of the office

7.Information about the presence of branches, representative offices and

  private legal structures in certain territories through which tourism

  activities are carried out

8. List of office equipment

9. List of company employees

Name and surname of the employeePosition      Date of birth (year, month, day)phone mobile, work    Employee Email For example:

10. Copy of the passport of the enterprise  head

11. 5 established tourist routes of the enterprise, covering different regions

      of the country

      Route requirements;

– at each point indicated on the route, take a photo and place it inside   

  (hotel, museum, garden, restaurant, etc.)

– At each point of the route, a copy of the cooperation agreement must be


12.Tourism promotional materials, such as travel discs (DVD, CD) and

   various brochures with information about the company should be

  developed and provided.

13.An enterprise providing transport services on its routes to foreign and

  domestic tourists must either have its own company car or have an

  agreement with the service provider and provide a copy of this agreement

– a copy of the bilateral agreement with the driver

– a copy of the driver’s passport

14.The tourism enterprise must have its own tourism website on the

  Internet and an e-mail address with its name.

  For example;


15. In the case of export tourism, the enterprise must have two copies of

  the cooperation agreement with the host from the representatives

  country, reflecting all the tasks and obligations of the parties in the

  framework of cooperation

16.A copy of the contract with the insurance company for the insurance of

  foreign and domestic tourists

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15:08, May 27, 2024
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