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2:28 pm, April 21, 2024
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On June 20, during his working visit to the Khovaling district, the Founder of National Peace and Unity – the Leader of the Nation, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Emomali Rahmon visited the fruit drying and confectionery factories of the Limited Liability Company “Obi Khovaling” and visited the exhibition of agricultural products and equipment. .

First of all, the Head of State got acquainted with the activity of the fruit drying factory and highly appreciated the quality of its final product.

During the visit, it was informed that the fruit drying plant was built for the purpose of processing own agricultural products and packing such products in accordance with the requirements, and it will contribute to the development of the agro-industrial sector in the region.

The newly established plant has the ability to process and dry all types of fruit and pack them in accordance with international requirements. Its final product is prepared under the label “Hovaling Fruits” and offered to the markets.

It was reported that this enterprise can process up to 4 tons of products and prepare them for sale in one day.

The factory processes and dries apples, plums, apricots, mulberries, cherries, pears and other fruits. Also, taking into account the needs of customers, this factory has the opportunity to dry meat and offer it to those who wish.

Modern production lines have been installed in the “Mevahoi Hovaling” fruit drying factory, which ensures the high quality of the final product. Also, the packaging of dried fruits has been started in the factory in a beautiful and marketable form, so that its export is both convenient and in accordance with the demand. First of all, the products of “Hovaling Fruits” are sold in the domestic markets, and further it is possible to export them to other countries as well, because the production in this factory meets all the world’s requirements, and the buyers are also in the foreign markets. There are many high-quality fruits in Tajikistan.

Currently, this plant provides fruit for processing from farms of the district and Kulob region. After the community’s own gardens, in which apple, pear, walnut and apricot trees are planted, the needs of the workshop will be satisfied.

20 local residents got a permanent job with a good salary at the “Mevahoi Hovaling” fruit drying plant.

Also, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Emomali Rahmon, got acquainted with the activity of the confectionery factory, where the production of high-quality and tasty products is carried out for the supply of the population.

It was reported that this factory currently produces about 30 products, which are offered to buyers of the Kulob region and residents of Badakhshan Mountainous Autonomous Region.

Modern production lines are installed in this enterprise, it has the ability to process more than 5 tons of flour per day and produce various types of confectionery products.

After the retraining courses, 20 people, most of whom are women, got jobs in this enterprise, and in total, 40 local residents got jobs in these two newly established enterprises.

The bakery offers customers high-quality products of various types of cakes, sweets with a special taste and bakery products, and also has the opportunity to accept customer orders.

During the visit and acquaintance, the Honorable Head of State Emomali Rahmon highly appreciated the quality of the products of these enterprises and called the society’s initiative to expand production worthy of praise.

It should be noted that these factories were built by the Limited Liability Company “Obi Khovaling”, and with the opening of these two facilities, the number of the company’s enterprises in the district increased to 6.

Industrial enterprises of the society are engaged in the production of drinking water, confectionery products, macaroni, dried fruits, honey packaging and medicinal herbs, and their role in supplying the markets of the district and region with this list of products is significant.

At the yard of the new enterprises, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Emomali Rahmon, visited the exhibition of agricultural products and equipment.

In this event, mainly honey packaged in “Obi Khovaling” Limited Liability Company, various types of fruits from the gardens of the district and grain products were exhibited.

It was informed that at present the society has launched honey packing according to the taste and wishes of the customers and sells its final product to the markets of the republic. The enterprise has the capacity to process and pack up to 30 tons of honey in beautiful shapes and forms, and offer it to customers in containers of different capacities.

In general, the climate of Khovaling district is suitable for beekeeping, and in 2022, 74.5 tons of high-quality honey were produced in all forms of farming in the district. Currently, 4362 families of bees are bred in Khovaling district.

It was noted that currently, 3,291 hectares of gardens have been built in Khovaling district of Khatlon region, of which 2,084 hectares are productive. Last year, 5,820 tons of different types of fruits were collected from the orchards of the district, and this year, according to the prospects, this figure should be increased to 8,600 tons. Also, in order to develop the horticulture and viticulture sector, an intensive garden has been built on the area of 8 hectares of land in Khovaling district.

During the visit to the exhibition, it was also informed that the access to agricultural machinery in the district has significantly improved, and today there are various types of tractors, softening equipment between rows, tractor plows, cultivators, combine harvesters, tractor sprayers and dozens of other items on the cultivated land. the list of industrial equipment and techniques are engaged in work.

In particular, 261 tractors, 24 combine harvesters, 114 attachments for tractors, 4 special devices for planting potatoes, etc. are at the service of farmers and agricultural farms in all forms of farming and population of Khovaling district.

Recent News


Founder of Peace and National Unity — Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan

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2:28 pm, April 21, 2024
Wind: 9 mph
Pressure: 1015 mb