Republic of Tajikistan The Committee of Tourism Development (CTD) under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan GRANT-6022 TAJ: Tourism Development Project

The Committee for Tourism Development (CTD) is implementing Tourism Development Project (ADB Grant 6022-TAJ).The project envisages recruitment of National Tourism Development Specialist (CS09)

The Tourism Development Specialist will report to the Chairman, CTD and will assist International Tourism Development Specialist (ITDS)/Team Leader (TL)for carrying out the followingtasks: the strategic, policy, institutional and capacity development of the project; dialog withgovernment and private sector; coordination across government agencies and with privatesector; and interface of tourism promotion efforts in Tajikistan with external stakeholders. S/hewill coordinate and work closely with: (i) UNWTO and NGOs for developing the Tourism SatelliteAccount, Sustainable Tourism Development Plan, Tourist Profile Study and collecting otherprimary data, and draw upon data collected for deliverables as needed; (ii) Tourism Committeeand related central government agencies; (iii) local and provincial government agencies; (iv)private sector; and (v) development partners. S/He will also engage with stakeholders in othercountries in the region as needed to provide a seamless embedding and leveraging ofTajikistan’s tourism development into the regional context for promotion of the sector.

Minimum Qualification Criteria:Master degree in relevant subject. At least 3 years sector experience in tourism promotion and development, including with strategic planning, policy issues, institutional coordination and capacity development. Strong communication skills, both verbal and written, would be essential. Experience working successfully with international organizations will be an advantage. Demonstrated familiarity with latest trends in tourism sector and its development, encompassing impact of ICT, social media and digital platforms would be preferred. Fluency in English, Russian and Tajik is mandatory.

Duties and responsibilities of National Tourism Development Specialist include:Assist ITDS/TL in delivering the following outputs/deliverable:

•Prepare a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis of tourism sector in Tajikistan that also explicitly incorporates the regional context of the country;

•Undertake a comprehensive review of all policies affecting the tourism sector in the country and provide prioritized and sequenced recommendations for reform drawing upon international best practice;

•Participate in and contribute to the development of Tourism Satellite Account (TSA), Sustainable Tourism Development Plan, Tourist Profile Study (main responsibility of delivering will be with UNWTO), and surveys of market demand characteristics and supply-side service benchmarking. Draw upon these survey findings to prepare at least 6 briefing notes on issues to be decided in consultation with the government and ADB. These may be on issues such as (for illustration only) characterization of tourism flows regionally and domestically and expected trends in the same; defining important aspects of potential demand for tourism in the region and Tajikistan’scomparative advantage in the regional context; analysis of the marketing-mix fundamentals in respect to specific tourism segments and effective promotional activities; or, analysis of specific market segments in terms of global and regional trends, expected experiences, and case studies of successful offerings. The specific topics for briefing notes will be identified in consultation with the government and ADB;

•Review existing national tourism development strategy and explore possibilities of e-tourism in Tajikistan in the context of the SWOT analysis and policy review above, findings from TSA-related and other surveys, and consultations with the government and private sector to propose refinements to the strategy in terms of priority tourism elements and geographic focus where appropriate (i.e. a Proposed Implementation Plan);

•Review and analyze the institutional structure for promoting and managing tourism development in Tajikistan, including CTD, other government agencies linked to tourism and the private sector; identify and propose interventions to strengthen coordination amongst stakeholders as well as capacity at specific levels of government and private sector;

•Assess and propose an appropriate institutional mechanism to play the role of traditional Destination Marketing Organization in the context of Tajikistan that also incorporates new challenges and opportunities arising from disruptive changes in digital and mobile technologies, social platforms and peer-to-peer interactions;

•Organize and lead workshops in coordination with UNWTO and individual consultant for consultation or dissemination involving government entities, private sector, development partners and civil society. Also organize three regional workshops with participation of relevant stakeholders from other countries in the region and, if appropriate, beyond;

•Identify expertise required and prepare TOR for consulting firm to be recruited for delivering Outputs 2 and 3;

•Recruit consulting firm for Outputs 2 and 3 with support of International Procurement Specialist;

•Identify expertise needed, if so, for Short Assignment Specialists, identify potential experts and facilitate recruitment;

•Review and comment on drafts of output 2 (identification, prioritization and sequencing of upstream project pipeline for tourism development);

•Any other task needed to ensure all project outputs are delivered in time with quality;•Participate in ADB missions as needed.Duration of Assignment:Estimated Start Date: 01-May-2021-Estimated End Date: 31-Dec-2023 with overall Input of 24 person-months (intermittent);Interested candidates must submit a complete set of the following documents in person:

•A statement addressed to the Chairmanof the Committee for Tourism Development under the Republic of Tajikistan for submission of documents;

•CV in Russian and English, according to the ADB format (CV format for New or Replacement Experts). The format can be found at the following link:

•Reference letters indicating contact details of recommending persons•Copy of a diploma of higher education•Copies of certificates of additional education or participation in seminars and trainings

•Copy of passport (place of registration, TIN)

The above documents must be submitted in a sealed envelope, indicating the vacant position and name of the candidate, to the following address: 48 Ayni st (B/C Sozidanie 11th Floor), Dushanbe, Tajikistan, 734000

For more information, please call: +992 37227 85 76 or email:

The deadline for submitting documents is by 21 April, 2021 before 16:00 PM