An important feature of the recreation area is its convenient location. A comfortable stay by the water in an ecologically clean region is available within a short trip. “AquaClub” was built on the bank of the Nurek reservoir just 65 km from Dushanbe, which allows you to spend time fun, useful, interesting, but without having to go on a long exhausting journey. It will not be difficult to break out here on weekends or holidays in order to then return to work or study with renewed vigor, fully rested.

This paradise was created to make you feel like a tourist of a Mediterranean resort here. Sophisticated infrastructure, unique nature, clean waters of the reservoir – everything you need for an ideal outdoor recreation and for those who appreciate a quiet pastime and for thrill-seekers. Despite the apparent proximity to the settlement, you will practically be cut off from the world by a magnificent miracle – a gigantic reservoir with an area of ​​98 km², listed in the Guinness Book of Records. And you can only get here by water!

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