On the southern slope of the Gissar ridge, at an altitude of almost 2000 m above sea level, there is a health resort – “Hochi-Obigarm” This area can be called an endless gift of nature, a source of vital energy, because every person who comes from here finds his health unhealthy.

A health-improving complex with 700 beds has been built here. And also sanatorium buildings, buildings of medical institutions were erected.

The Khoja Obigarm resort is one of the few resorts around the world where the so-called radioactive steam is used as a therapeutic agent.

In the health-improving complex there is a special room equipped with a steam emanatorium – equipment that regulates the amount and temperature of the directed steam and its dosage. There are necessary conditions for a full recovery after the procedures.

A polyclinic with specialized departments and laboratories has been created, there are rooms for bathrooms and mud baths.

The main wealth of the resort is hot mineral radioactive waters coming out of the ground to the surface of the spring. The water temperature is 45-96 0С, they have moderate radioactivity, form alkali and silicic acids.

There is an important property of Khoja Obigarm, in addition to the existing sources of healing waters, it is its climate. People mainly come here in summer, as summer is not hot here. Temperature fluctuations are not so great, the air is always clean.

The resort was founded in 1935.

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