Today in the Karatag gorge there are rest houses, summer health camps for children and adults. The gorge is famous for its diverse picturesque nature. The rich vegetation gives it a special charm. There are many wild fruit trees in the lower zone, and juniper dominates in the upper zone. In the area of ​​the village of Lyabidzhoi (30 km from the village of Karatag up the river), there is a remarkable grove, which was chosen by nightingales, and on the mountain slopes around there are many uncultivated grapes, apples, mulberries (mulberries), cherry plums. The Karatag River is formed from the confluence of two rivers: Diakhandarya – in the west and Payron – in the east. Trout is found in them. If you go up the Diakhandarya, you can go to the Iskanderkul lake. And if you go up the Pyron, you can get to the upper reaches of the Siam River. Hiking and excursions along the valley of the Karatag River, among picturesque forest groves, to Lake Payron and Timur-Dara Lake, leave an unforgettable experience.

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