In the city of Dushanbe there are more than 30 restaurants that provide their services to the population of the country in the field of catering. Residents of Dushanbe are very fond of good restaurants, but due to low salaries, half of the city’s residents, although they have not even been to a restaurant once a year.
Along with restaurants in Dushanbe, there are also many Cafes and Chaikhana where food is also provided to the population. The teahouse, unlike the restaurant, does not have a rest condition. That is, there is no live music in Chaikhana, belly dancing, hookah, alcoholic drinks, etc. Chaikhana in general is a national and historical institution for the peoples of Central Asia in which people eat food, drink drinks, play chess and backgammon and sing poetry or songs with rubab or tanbur. In the city of Dushanbe, the best restaurants operate mainly in the Ismoili Somoni and Sino regions. A list of the best restaurants in Dushanbe has been prepared for interested parties, which are listed below in terms of quality rating. According to public opinion, taking into account various factors including: types of dishes, interior design, price level, number of customers, customer reviews, cleanliness, availability, volume, architecture , efficiency of service and other nuances, the order of the TOP-Best rating was drawn up.

In the first place is the Didor Restaurant. It is located on the territory of Sino district of Dushanbe city, near the building of the Republican Court.

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