Peaceful Tajikistan

Tajikistan as a tourist country according to a survey of prestigious organizations and world media

Since independence Tajikistan has attracted the attention of travel lovers, the image of the region has become calmer and it has found the great opportunities for the development of tourism, and occupies a prominent place according to the influential international organizations and media:

 -British travel magazine “Wanderlust” announced the Republic of Tajikistan as one of the 10 most attractive countries for tourists;

 -Social network “Globe Spots” ranked the Republic of Tajikistan among the ten most attractive countries for adventurous tourists;

 -Russian edition of the popular National Geographic magazine included the Pamir Highway of Tajikistan in the top ten most beautiful roads in the world;

 -Magazine Top – 100, included the Pamir Mountains in the list of interesting places;

 -The Independent has recognized the capital of Tajikistan, Dushanbe, as one of the ten safest places for night security;

 -According to the official statistics of the World Tourism Organization, the Republic of Tajikistan is a developing country;

 – British travel magazine “Wanderlust” ranked Tajikistan fourth in the top five countries in the world in terms of visa facilitation, including tourism;

 -Tajikistan in the rating of the British society “British Backpacker Society” in terms of opportunities for adventure and hiking is included in the top ten countries in the world and takes 7th place;

 -The US State Department of Tourism recommends the Republic of Tajikistan to its citizens as one of the safest countries to travel;

 -In the framework of the World Tourism Exhibition Berlin – 2018, the award ceremony “100 best world leaders in protecting national culture, traditions and involving people in tourism in 2018” was held. Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region of Tajikistan (GBAO) was included in the top 100 countries of the Asia-Pacific region and ranks 1st.

 -Analytical agency “TurStat” of Russia has developed a rating of foreign tourist countries in 2017 and identified the most popular countries for Russian tourists in 2017. The Republic of Tajikistan is included in the list of 50 most popular foreign countries for Russian tourists.

 -According to the results of a survey conducted by the analytical agency “TurStat” in Russia, the capital of Tajikistan – Dushanbe is one of the 10 spring cities for tourism in the Commonwealth of Independent States.

 -The Institute of Economy and Peace has published a new index of safe countries, in which Tajikistan climbed four steps up. In this group, Tajikistan is ahead of Turkmenistan, Armenia, USA, Russia, Turkey and Israel.

 -International magazine the “Financial Times” included the Republic of Tajikistan in the list of eight countries that are recommended for tourists.

 -According to a survey by the travel website “”, Tajikistan is among the top ten destinations in the Asian region, including Azerbaijan, Japan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, India, China and Indonesia.

 -Tajikistan is included in the list of the safest countries in the world. The rating was conducted by the international financial magazine “Global Finance”.

 -It is gratifying that at the end of 2018, according to the World Tourism Organization, Tajikistan took first place in the rating for tourism growth.

 -The Organization for Economic Cooperation has chosen the city of Dushanbe as the “Tourist capital of ECO for 2020-2021”.

 -In 2019, according to a survey conducted by the TurStat news agency, the capital of Tajikistan, Dushanbe, was included in the top ten cities of the Commonwealth of Independent States for autumn travel.

 -In the framework of the International Tourism Exhibition “ITB Berlin 2019”, a book by Dr. Dagmar Schreiber and Sonia Bill entitled “Tajikistan and Dushanbe, Pamir and Fann Mountains” was presented to the participants.

 -One of the mass media of the world travel brand “AFAR” at the end of 2018 assigned Tajikistan first place in terms of growth in the number of tourists (an increase of 190.1% more).

 – The American analytical center “Gallup” in a survey of citizens of 142 countries put Tajikistan in second place in the list of the safest countries in the world;

  -The popular British newspaper “The Telegraph” appeared in the issue from August 16, 2019 under the headline “The Lost City”. Archaeologists have discovered “Machu Picchu” in Tajikistan. The above mentioned article “The Telegraph” talks about the excavation of the ancient city of Karon in Tajikistan, which was discovered by Tajik archaeologists several years ago.

 – “Kokhi Navruz” located in the capital of Tajikistan was presented as a modern miracle and was included in the list of 8 wonders of the Shangai Organization of Cooperation;

 -In 2019, foreign media, including well-known state media of the Russian Federation – TASS, Uzbekistan – UzA, Kyrgyzstan – Kabar, wrote about the development of tourism in Tajikistan, unique nature, clean waters, beautiful landscapes, historical and cultural sites and published materials and described Tajikistan as a country with great tourism potential in the mirror of the international tourism market;

 -The tourism industry of Tajikistan has won the most prestigious business award in the world “THE BIZZ Business Excellence Award 2019”;

 -In the survey of the prestigious international magazine “Lonely Planet” among the 10 best regions for travel and travel along the Silk Road in Central Asia, Tajikistan took first place. Lonely Planet ranked this study in its annual publication of the Top 10 Countries for Tourism, Top Tourist Cities, Top Locations, and Best Travel Values.

 -British travel magazine “Wanderlust” in 2020 presented 7 beautiful natural wonders in Tajikistan and announced visits by tourists, namely: Fedchenko glacier, Garmchashma, Iskandarkul, Sarez lake, Wakhan karidor, Karakul and “Chapdara”.

-Tajikistan has risen to 12th place in the ranking of the World Peace Index, developed by the Institute of Economics and Peace. Tajikistan ranks 105 out of 163 countries.

 -The Pacific Travel and Tourism Writers Association (PATWA), one of the world’s leading organizations in the field of tourism, has declared the Republic of Tajikistan a stable and inviolable country for tourism.

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