National Museum of Antiquities of Tajikistan
The museum has a rich exposition, thanks to which it received the status of a national one. There are several halls in it, each dedicated to a separate stage in the development of the ancient peoples of Central Asia, inhabiting the territory of Tajikistan since the Bronze Age. The museum is located in a two-story building, not far from the Academy of Sciences. The exposition includes valuable archaeological finds made by the Academy of Sciences. The most popular exhibit in the entire building is the “Buddha in Nirvana” statue, 12.85 meters long and 5.5 tons in weight, which today is considered the largest Buddhist monument in the world. Also very valuable elements of the exhibition are the products of the Hellenistic era, masterpieces of wall painting of Penjikent, brought from the Oksa temple. The Museum of Antiquities of Tajikistan is open on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm, and on weekends until 4 pm. The museum is closed on Monday.
Address: Dushanbe st. Ak. Radjabov 7

Tajik Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after Sadriddin Aini
This is the most famous musical theater in Tajikistan. It was opened in 1940 on the basis of the 1936-1940 musical theater. The Opera and Ballet Theater is located on the main street of Dushanbe – Rudaki Avenue, near the wonderful Opera and Ballet Square. It was named after the famous Tajik writer. Especially for the theater in 1942, a classical-style building with elements of national ornament and a facade decorated with columns was built. It was restored in 2009 at the initiative of President E. Rahmon. The theater developed significantly in 1954 after replenishing the troupe with young actors who studied at the Leningrad Choreographic School and the Moscow Conservatory. The success of the theater was achieved thanks to the works of conductors L. Kaufman, D. Dalgat, P. Bolenko. And also directors – R. Koroha, S. Saidmuradov, V. Reinbach, A. Makarovsky; ballet masters – K. Ya. Goleizovsky, A. Protsenko; artists – E. Chemodurov, V. Fufygin, V. Suslov; head wok. part – E. Prokofieva. Since 1944, the Opera and Ballet Theater has been performing opera performances in Russian and Tajik.
Address: Dushanbe, Rudaki Ave., 28,

Tajik Academic Theater named after A. Lakhuti
The Academic Theater was opened in Tajikistan on November 7, 1929. This theater is honored to bear the name of Abulkasim Ahmedzade Lakhuti, a classic of modern Tajik literature, who translated Shakespeare’s dramas into Tajik and adapted them specifically for theatrical performances. The Tajik Drama Theater is located on the main street of Dushabne – Rudaki Avenue, not far from the building of the Russian Academic Theater. Mayakovsky, in which they were jointly located until 1957. Famous actors – M. Kasymov, A. Burkhanov, T. Fazilova, A. Mukhamadzhanov, H. Maybaliev and others – perform on the stage of the theater. There are 55 people in the troupe. 

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