A hotel, a hotel (from the French hôtel) is an accommodation facility consisting of a certain number of rooms, which has a single management, providing a set of services (minimum – making beds, cleaning rooms and bathrooms). Hotels are divided into different classes according to the services provided and room equipment. Initially, hotels emerged as inns in settlements (or at forks of roads) along the most important transport routes. The first hotels, in large cities, existed in the countries of the ancient world. The increase in the number of travelers in modern times (development of trade relations, colonization) contributed to the expansion of the hotel industry. The modern type of large hotels took shape in the 19th century, with the beginning of the industrial revolution. Hotels can be divided by type of property, range of services, and tourist attraction.

Despite the popularity of brands of hotel chains, the majority of hotels are in no way associated with them and operate independently. Hotel brands either form a single chain of hotels, which are wholly owned by the parent company, or are transferred on a franchise basis to private owners who themselves must ensure that their hotels comply with brand standards (eg Best Western). Franchising and owner management are polar states of the management method in terms of the scope of legal rights and the share of profit participation. There is also a management method based on a lease agreement.

1. Star system
To make it easier to determine the level of the hotel, a star classification system (from one to five stars) was introduced. In general terms, such a classification is as follows:
One star is a cheap hotel with a minimum of services (daily housekeeping is not always included in them). All rooms are of the same type.
Two stars – a low-budget hotel, also with a minimum of services, but with obligatory daily housekeeping. One or two types of rooms.
Three stars – a middle-class hotel with a standard set of services: daily maid service, bathroom, TV, mini-bar or refrigerator in each room; the hotel has a guest laundry, a swimming pool, a gym, a business center, a place for a breakfast provided by the hotel. Some of these services may not be available, while others may be available. Availability of different types of rooms (single, double, smoking, non-smoking, etc.).
Four stars is a high-class hotel providing all the above services, as well as special ones (such as spa, massages, the presence of several bars and restaurants, conference rooms). Prices for rooms in such hotels are much higher than average.
Five stars – a luxury hotel. They are distinguished by an extensive range of services, especially exclusive ones (for example, the presence of a private golf club, multi-room apartments with a servant). The guest is given personal attention, contributing to the consideration of all his wishes. Prices for accommodation, as well as for additional services, in the rooms in such hotels are very high. As a rule, all well-known global hotel brands and resort hotels tend to fall into this category. Despite the difference in systems, a “five-star hotel” is always understood as a hotel of the highest service. Some hotels claim to be 6 or even 7 stars, but so far this has not become a common hotel practice and is rather a marketing ploy.

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