Historical places

Tajikistan attracts many tourists from all over the world with its uniqueness. In addition to the sights of ancient civilizations, travelers come here for the picturesque landscapes of virgin nature.

Tajikistan is an ancient state of Central Asia, more than 90% of which is occupied by foothills and mountains. It is the stunning nature and landscapes of the Pamir, Tien Shan and Fan mountains that are the main treasures of the country.

The capital is located in Dushanbe, the second city of the country is ancient Khujand. The most famous in Tajikistan are the ancient cities of Kurgan-Tyube (Bokhtar), Istaravshan and Penjikent. The medieval cities of Gissar, Kulyab and Khorog are also popular. These cities are filled with unique monuments of history and culture: mosques and mausoleums, museums and excavations, citadels and ancient settlements.

Some of them are listed as World Heritage Sites. In the Middle Ages, the “Great Silk Road” ran here. There are also many sanatoriums and health resorts located in natural parks, reserves or near lakes and mineral springs in the country.

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