The culture of the Tajik people goes back to the ancient times. To this day, the Tajiks have preserved most of the traditions and civilizations that are still associated with the modern way of life. If you look through the history, Tajiks present their history from the 1st century. One of the most interesting attractions is the ancient Panjakent. Archaeologists have unearthed residential and cultural buildings and paintings from the area, dating to the 7th and 8th centuries. The architectural structures of this city, according to scientists, are not found among other cities in Asia.

In the cities and valleys, men were engaged in the production of pottery.
In the mountainous areas, pottery was not used, and women made pottery. So far, some of these crafts have survived from generation to generation. Unique and colorful corners, exhibitions and decorations have been exhibited in Dushanbe’s fine arts exhibitions which is the oldest exemplary proof today.

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