Craft companies

 LLC “Afsonai Sang”

Address:  Shestopalova street, 26, Dushanbe city

Phones: (992) 918 18-18-08




LLC Ozara

Address: 19th micro district, Khujand, Tajikistan.

Phone: 92 9050178



NGO  “Chashma”

NGO  “Chashma” is located in Shahritus district. The organization was established in September 1998 and the main production direct is carpet weaving. The goal of the organization is to promote community development and reduce poverty by supporting poor families. NGO “Chashma” was rehabilitated with the support of NASMB and in 2013 was funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland (Poland) and the Polish Center for International Assistance. The company employs 20 women who were not previously employed.

Products: The organization produces two types of carpets:

– “qoqma” (without wool);

– “qolinchaho’’ (with wool).


LLC Karon Gavharnigor

LLC Karon Gavharnigor has been operating in Dashtak village, Darvoz district, GBAO since August 2015. The enterprise has 4 workshops: 1. Precious metal processing workshop; 2. Precious and semi-precious stone cutting; 3. Decorative stone cutting – production of gifts for domestic and foreign guests;  4. Jewelry shop

Contact phone: 934502500

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