Committee for Tourism Development
under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan

German Filmmakers Shoot Short Films About Tourism Potential of Tajikistan

Two German filmmakers Haraldfon Wikowski and Matthias Mayer came to Tajikistan to introduce the country’s tourism potential to the people of Germany through short films, reports the Committee for Tourism Development.

The trip of German filmmakers to Tajikistan was organized at the invitation of the Committee for Tourism Development in collaboration with the Embassy of Tajikistan in Germany and will last 15 days — from June 10 through June 25.

During the trip, the creative delegation will be visiting the tourist opportunities of cities and districts of Khatlon, Sughd, Badakhshons, districts of republican subordination, and Dushanbe to get acquainted with historical and cultural sites.

The delegation will prepare two 20-minute short films in which Tajikistan will be presented to the residents of Germany and other European countries as a tourist region with sufficient investment potential.